Historic publication of Munch’s drawings

Munch Drawings

For the first time ever, Edvard Munch’s drawings are collected and published in the Munch Museum’s digital catalogue.

Drawings are the cornerstone of Munch’s art. He would draw constantly and almost everywhere he went. Munch drew family and friends, children and workers, the Bourgeoisie and the Bohemians, mermaids and Madonnas. He saved almost everything, from simple sketches to complex motifs. Using the digital catalogue, you can get to know Munch as a draftsman without leaving the comfort of your own home.

The catalogue consists of more than 7600 drawings. Among them, over 90 percent are in the Munch Museum’s collection. The majority of the artworks are mostly unknown; only a few have previously been shown in exhibitions. Studying these drawings is great opportunity to get close to Munch’s art, providing fascinating insight into his artistic process. You can follow the development of his characteristic style throughout different periods of his artistic career, and explore the evolution of some of his most iconic artworks, such as The Scream. The project is supported by Bergesenstiftelsen.

Visit the catalogue and explore Munch’s drawings here!

Text and image credits: Munch Museum, Oslo. “Self-portrait with pastel crayons”, crayons on canvas,  E. Munch, 1943. Munch Museum ref. MM.M.00749