Hermès X Haruka Kojin

Hermes Haruka Kojin collaboration

See the city through new eyes: Hermes presents Contact Lens by Haruka Kojin (Singapore). An article by Artdaily.com

Contemporary Japanese artist, Haruka Kojin looked out of the window of an express bus, watching the landscape fly past. Staring at the road’s surface, the journey made the artist question the scenes that her eyes conveyed to her: “If we had triangular eyes, the world that we saw would be completely different, but it would be our reality.”

Drawing from this singular experience, Kojin explores themes of perception and the distortionof reality in her poetic window installation at Hermès Liat Towers, Contact Lens.

The work is an optical illusion where colours and patterns of objects suspended in mid-air are mirrored and magnified, reflecting Singapore’s urbanscape. By peering through both macro and micro lenses, visitors discover Hermès objects featuring the illustrated work of prominent architect and cartographer, Nigel Peake. Titled On a Summer Day, Peake’s geometric prints are inspired by reflections of his strolls in the city.

“Humans and insects share the same spaces, but in fact, the worlds that they see are completely different. Our world is divided up by such diverse viewpoints. The spaces that we live in are surrounded by all sorts of essences drifting around, like particles in the air that are visible to the naked eye.

I am attempting to create the sort of space where the imagination to be found in our living spaces can burst out into the neighbourhood and drift around the local environment with its roads and architecture.” Haruka Kojin

Contact Lens will be on display until early October, 2017 at the Hermès store at 541 Orchard Road, Liat Towers, Singapore

Image : Haruka Kojin, ‘Contact Lens’, 2017. Image courtesy Edward Hendriks/LUXUO.com