Angers : local collectors are invited to exhibit

Angers Local collections

ARTDAILY, 27.11.2017. – The Musée des Beaux-Arts d’ Angers invites local collectors to show their collections

The Musée des Beaux-Arts d’ Angers has invited a number of local collectors to exhibit some of their collections. The resulting exhibition affords audiences the opportunity to discover some remarkable private collections, consisting of artworks and objects from all over the world. In addition to the sentimental aspect and each collector’s passion for collecting, their collections are proof of a true commitment to contemporary art that goes beyond the decorative or aesthetic impact of having a work of art in one’s own home. The identity of each collection can be distinguished through its attachment to a particular period, movement or medium. Many of them share a passion for post-war abstract, lyrical and expressionist painting. Another rather singular collection focuses on the artworks of the Art & Language collective. Also on display a collection specialized in contemporary South-East Asian art; a collection heavily influenced by Marcel Duchamp and the notion of conceptual art, as well as a highly eclectic collection featuring some very humorous and unique pieces.

Each of the private collections bear witness to a zealous love of art, a commitment to collecting and a faithful relationship to a specific artist or artists.

Beyond the personal choices that they reveal, these private collections are a lesson in the history of taste. They offer another account of our epoch and the history of art other than that depicted by museums and art institutions. How does a private collector amass a collection and what are the challenges involved? What lies behind a collector’s passion for collecting? A love of art and a strong commitment to the actors of the arts world form the foundations of many of these private collections and allow audiences to understand the meaning and import of ‘collecting’ in today’s world.

Finally, in an effort to explore the ties between private collections and public institutions, artist Aurélie Pétrel has been invited to create a piece especially for the exhibition, based on the collection of Alain le Provost and the collections of the Musée des Beaux-Arts d’ Angers.

Collections shown: PACA Association (Anjou Collectors of Contemporary Art), Philippe Méaille Collection, Fondation La Roche Jacquelin Collection, Alain Le Provost Collection, private collections.

Image : Joséphine Turalba, Scandals, 2013-2014, cartouches de fusil brûlées, laiton, plastique, dimensions variables © Albert, Musée des Beaux-Arts d’ Angers, via