1858 saves clients over £100,000 in insurance premiums this year alone

Insurance Review Service

With most of us at home juggling work and family life it seems an opportune time to reassess financial commitments. What if 1858 could help you (or your client) save money on annual insurance premiums all the while providing improved coverage?

Since the start of this year (it has been a memorable one to say the least), team 1858 has secured premium reductions in excess of £100,000 for our clients.

1858 is now providing a complimentary service aimed at owners of art and collectibles to assist them in actively reducing premiums and improving their coverage. Working with our insurance partners to obtain preferential rates for our clients, we are able to review your policy and ensure it is tailored to your precise exposure and needs. 

Our clients span the globe as does our service. Please contact us for your complimentary and confidential policy review. 

Please email us your latest insurance policy [email protected] or call us on +44 (0) 207 590 3112

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